Start a New Easter Tradition

Traditions are some of the best things in family life. They are beliefs or customs that are handed down from generation to generation and are our connection to the past. Traditions can bring families together, and they are super important for children as they grow up. It creates expectation, anticipation, and significance. Traditions also help to bring families together and make them feel as if they are a part of something bigger in life.

A Bunny in a Basket is an interactive book toy kit that brings a magical bunny helper to your home for Easter. Arriving one month before Easter, your children will learn the story of Easter and have a soft bunny to cuddle and enjoy. Start your new Easter tradition today!

Activities Your Child Can Do With Their Bunny

Your child can play with the bunny all day long and then put the bunny to sleep in their basket at night. At night, the bunny visits the Easter Bunny and then returns to play again in the morning. Your child can enjoy fun activities with their bunny, such as coloring Easter eggs, reading books, watching TV, and even going grocery shopping. The sky's the limit!

What's Included in A Bunny in a Basket

When you order A Bunny in a Basket, you'll receive:

A toy plush Easter bunnyA story book about EasterAn Easter basket for the bunny

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An Easter Gift Unlike Any Other

Easter is a special time for many, and parents are always looking for Easter family ideas that can deepen the impact and make it more meaningful. Our unique Easter gift for children involves everything your child will love, such as a great plush magical bunny, a great tale full of adventure and excitement, and something to look forward to as Easter nears. Rather than give your children the standard Easter basket with plastic eggs full of candy, invest in a new Easter tradition instead.

A Great Easter Tradition to Enjoy for Years to Come

When looking for Easter family ideas, you are looking for a unique Easter gift for children that goes beyond the Easter basket, eggs, and candy. You want to craft a special memory your children will cherish as they grow. A Bunny in a Basket is an Easter gift for children that will enrich your Easter in special ways. Having a tangible toy to hold onto makes Easter fun and exciting. Children will love their plush bunny toy and have a great friend, too.


Our mission is to make Easter more special with this great Easter gift for children. Expanding on the history of the Easter Bunny, we want to provide families with a way to craft a new Easter tradition. Our family-owned Easter store has made A Bunny in a Basket super easy. You simply order online, and your Bunny in a Basket arrives. This unique Easter gift for children promises to enrich your child's Easter experience. Start a new Easter tradition and order today!