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An Easter Tradition

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Welcome to a Bunny in a Basket

Start a new family Easter tradition with A Bunny In A Basket! Give your children a soft bunny to cuddle and an accompanying hardcover book that tells the story of Easter and the Easter Bunny Helper. The story goes that your personal Easter Bunny travels back and forth from your home to Easter Island to bring you Easter treats and let the head Easter Bunny know how you’re doing this year. 

About the Author and Creators of A Bunny In A Basket ™


Our business began as a family tradition. Our blended family was blessed with five boys and a girl, and for us, Easter was always a big holiday. Every year before Easter, a Bunny In A Basket would appear in our home and the children would play with the bunny throughout the day before putting him back into his basket at night. The children would play with their bunny, color eggs with him, and more. Then, when Easter arrived, the Easter Bunny would bring a basket filled with candies, colored eggs, and a chocolate bunny. The Bunny In A Basket would leave to return the following year.

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Our hope is that your bunny will become a welcome, joyous visitor to your home for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. Cuddle up with your little one while they hold their soft bunny and read them the magical story of the Easter Bunny.
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