About Us

About the Author and Creators of A Bunny In A Basket ™
Brooks and Jennifer Stark combined have 5 boys and a girl. They both
had 2 boys prior to meeting, and after trying to have a child together,
they were blessed with twins, a boy and a girl. This family grew very
fast and Easter was always a BIG HOLIDAY for their family. Every year,
about a month before Easter, A Bunny in A Basket™ would show up at
their home. The children would play with the bunny throughout the
day and always put the bunny back at night. Knowing that the bunny
would go back to see the Easter Bunny and his bunny pals, and that
he would return in the morning to play with them again. This became
an amazing Easter Tradition. The children would play with their
bunny, color eggs with him, and write letters to the Easter Bunny with
him. The morning of Easter, the children would wake up to see Easter
Bunny prints throughout the home and run around collecting all the
eggs that the Easter Bunny dropped. There would always be an Easter
Basket filled with candies, colored eggs, a toy or two, a Golden Egg and
a chocolate bunny. Our Bunny in a Basket would also be gone until
next year. The children loved when A Bunny in A Basket ™ would
return the following year. They would start asking when their Bunny
would return, and they would wake up running through the home
looking to see if today would be the day. A Bunny In A Basket became
an Easter Tradition for our family and we hope that your Bunny will
become one in your home as well.
Best wishes from our family to yours,
Brooks Sr., Jenn, Jonah, Nolan, Steven, Jake, Madison, Brooks Jr.